Frequently Asked Questions

Placenta Encapsulation FAQ's

Q: Can you pick up my placenta from the hospital?

A: Yes! A lot of my placentas come from hospital births. There is a travel fee.


Q: What is the best way to preserve the placenta after birth?

A: Please make sure your placenta is either in the hospital container or double bagged in gallon zip locks with your name on it and placed on ice in a small cooler. The cooler you provide will be returned when your capsules are complete.


Q: Can I have someone drop off my placenta to you after birth to avoid the travel fee?

A: Yes! This can be arranged as well.


Q: Can my placenta be encapsulated if there was meconium present at the time of birth?

A: Yes! It is thoroughly rinsed in apple cider vinegar to remove the meconium.


Q: I am not in your service area. Can I ship my placenta to you?

A: Yes, message me and we will discuss logistics.


Her Milk: Breastmilk Jewelry FAQ's

Q: Can you use expired milk for my keepsake?

A: Yes, that will not change how your piece will look.


Q: What inclusions can I put in my keepsake?

A: Breastmilk, Hair, Sand/Soil, Placenta/Umbilical Cord, Ashes, Flowers, Etc. Message me and let's discuss! I can probably include it!


Q: What add-on's do you have?

A: On hand, I have Gold, Silver, Copper, and Opal Flakes, White Shimmer (some other colors too), and all birthstones. Just message me if there is something specific you want that you don't see in the options to choose from!


Q: How long does it take to get my piece?

A: Because I am a one woman show, please allow about 4-6 weeks from the time your milk arrives for your piece(s) to ship. I will however do my best to work as quickly as possible to complete your keepsakes.


Q: How do I care for my keepsake?

A: Remove your jewelry before sleeping, showers, swimming, washing up, laying out in the sun, etc. Store your jewelry out of direct sunlight. Never resize your keepsake rings. The stones are not able to withstand the heat and it will likely cause the stone to change size and fall out and/or yellow. 


Q: Does my keepsake have to be made with breastmilk?

A: No! There are so many other inclusions you can choose from to make it your own unique piece. You DO NOT need BREASTMILK :)


Q: If I don't see something in your shop that I want, can you still make it?

A: Most likely! Send me a message, don't be shy, and lets work together to create something you've dreamed of. I'll do my best to make it happen!