About Lauren

      Hi, my name is Lauren! Wife and mama to my 3 precious little ones. I was formerly an elementary art teacher until I became a stay at home mom for my littles. I am a Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, and soon adding Breastmilk Jewelry & Keepsake Creator. I love supporting women in the most amazing journey of their life.

      Becoming a mom has been the most incredible gift and being able to grow my babies in my body was an amazing experience. I had three really beautiful pregnancies and births. My first was at a hospital, unmedicated, all natural with hypnobirthing & the support of God, my husband, and doula. My second was a home birth in the water, again all natural, but I didn't have much time to use my hypnobirthing techniques seeing as the birth was a total of 1 and a half hours! My third was also at home in the water with a wonderful birth team. 

     I think that having support during birth is critical to avoid unnecessary interventions. Being mistreated, ignored, hushed, and misinformed is avoidable. I am not here to make decisions for you. I am here to guide you in your choices, support you, and give you the resources to make those informed choices. Let me be your guide and help you have the most wonderful birthing experience that you can.

*Fluent in English and Spanish.